Friends while dating

You eat at non-touristy restaurants, dance away the night in hidden clubs, and maybe spend some cozy time canoodling with your pop-up tour guide.

This is how many travelers are now conducting vacations.

While the answers for everyone might be different, we can help you work out what’s right for you and your date. Ask them to be nice (it’s the first meeting, after all), and maybe steer clear of certain topics.

It’s understandable that you may have worries about introducing your date to your circle of friends. If you’re still not sure that they’ll get along, it might not be the right time for introductions quite yet.

Make sure you have enough time just the two of you.

When is the right time for a couple to take this step? What if your mates tell embarrassing stories and your date has a change of heart? If you’re worried about how your friends will react, make sure you prep them beforehand.

Once you’ve made your decision, consider where might be a good place for them to meet.

Don’t just make a plan so that you “accidentally” bump into your friends whilst on a date.

Think about how you would feel if you were completely put on the spot, or if you were planning a romantic evening but it was gatecrashed by your date’s friends on a lads’ or girls’ night out?

Instead, arrange an environment where your date will be comfortable.

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