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But the rumors don’t stop, and people alleged that Moore is not interested in finding a boyfriend because she is gay.This gained further traction when two of her teammates, Amber Harris and Jessica Adair, came out about their sexuality towards the end of 2012.That said, her known dating history only includes men.Some of the men she has dated are De Sean Jackson, Game, and Silk The Shocker.

The professional basketball player for the Minnesota Lynx of the WNBA won the 20 Naismith Prep Player of the Year awards. We will share a breakdown of Maya Moore’s dating timeline right here.

He confirmed that the romance is long over but they are determined to remain friends.

Game says, he will always be fond of his ex and claims the romance was doomed because he and Mya are celebrities.

The paleozoic era is further broken down into 6 periods (in millions of years ago, MYA): Cambrian: 542 MYA - 488.3 MYA Ordovician: 488.3 MYA - 443.7 MYA Silurian: 443.7 MYA - 416 MYA Devonian: 416 MYA - 359.2 MYA Carboniferous: 359.2 MYA - 299 MYA Permian: 299 MYA - 251 MYA It is the time line, as well as we know it, for Earth's evolution.

Each period is defined by a major geological or biological event.

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