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Game Link chatted with the starlet for an exclusive pornstar interview with Krissy Lynn. And after they fucked me, I was like 'wow, pornstars know what they're doing'. How old were you when you had sex for the first time? I want to spend time on her and please her and go down on her Gamelink: So you'd rather do a girl/girl or a boy/girl rather than a threesome? Gamelink: When you're with girls are you more dominant or more submissive? So I do like it, I just don't know if I want to do it with some of the big dicks in the business. I guess it depends on how horny the girl you're with is. Basically we just partied the whole night and at the last minute, they told us that they had a champagne room open and I was like "yeah, we gotta do it". Gamelink: What types of guys do you usually date in your personal life? And they know how to move their hips, so when they fuck you, they do the same.

Gamelink: What made you decide that you wanted to be in the porn business? After that, I was even more excited to get into the industry. I sent them a picture and they asked me to fly out to California and I signed a contract soon after that. Krissy Lynn: If the girl is naturally submissive, I will take on the dominant role pretty easily. Gamelink: What's the craziest thing that has happened to you since you've been in the business? Gamelink: Was that your fantasy from all those years of dancing? I know there were girls when I was dancing who would fuck guys in the VIP room, but I never did. So to do that, I felt like I was being so naughty, like the bouncers were going to walk in and fire me. Krissy Lynn: I've dated a lot of different kinds of guys. Gamelink: Usually if a guy knows how to dance really well, then he can fuck too. We are swingers, so we're comfortable with the idea of me doing porn.

Whether seeking a sister wife, seeking a group or couple to date, wanting to become a sister wife, curious about a polygamous relationship and how polygamy dating works, or finding an event to meet people like you, it’s all right here.

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Krissy Lynn: I moved from Utah to Las Vegas to dance at a gentlemen's club called Sapphire. But if I'm with someone who's usually taller than me kind of like a raunchy, in your face kind of girl, I become submissive pretty easily too. When I'm doing it, I imagine what it feels like to them so I just do what feels good. Krissy Lynn: I actually had sex in a champagne room. To take a guy in the champagne room and just fuck him silly. Gamelink: What do you like to do when you're not on set? My family and my friends consider me such a normal person. Krissy Lynn: Yeah, because they have rhythm and they know it's all in the hips. We started off slow – first swinging, and then me dancing on stage with pasties on, then lapdances. Gamelink: Your husband doesn't mind that you're doing porn?

On the weekends, I was looking for things to do and I found this sex club called the Green Door. Gamelink: When you're with a guy, what's the thing that you do that they all seem to love the most? Krissy Lynn: When I'm at home, I'm more of a home body. They always say, "You're one of the most grounded people I know". Krissy Lynn: He knew that it was something that I wanted to do.

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There’s a keyword tag and advanced search option for those who like to browse or choose a niche.Any paying member that does not find a suitable match after 12 months gets the next 6 months free. Sister Wives has been committed to the polygamy community both online and in real life since 2008.We believe polygamy is a form of polyamory and welcome all approaches to relationships that bring true joy.Take your Gamelink Dating members area passwords here!It's just like The Dating Game, only Bachelor Number Two means he's doing anal!

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