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You might think your child spends a lot of time on the computer, but ask them so question about the economy, sea floor spreading or even about the @DATE1's you'll be surprise at how much he/she knows.

Believe it or not the computer is much interesting then in class all day reading out of books.

Small @ORGANIZATION1 can make websites to promote them selves and explain their star to potential coustomers.

@PERSON3, the owner of @ORGANIZATION2's said that the internet saved her resturant.

"This guy is a novice; this guy is a f*cking mall cop.

You can't assess a situation and figure out what you're going to do, that's not what you do for a living." Jay Z and his wife, singer Beyonce joined thousands of demonstrators at a Justice for Trayvon march in New York last weekend.

The 43-year-old father-of-2 said he hoped Trayvon's tragic death brings about a change in the law that transports America back to its lawless wild wild west past.

Also online catalouges or advertisments help the economy of stores worldwide.If your child is home on your computer or at a local library, it's better than being out with friends being fresh, or being perpressured to doing something they know isnt right.You might not know where your child is, @CAPS2 forbidde in a hospital bed because of a drive-by.1 1 Dear local newspaper, I think effects computers have on people are great learning skills/affects because they give us time to chat with friends/new people, helps us learn about the globe(astronomy) and keeps us out of troble! Do you ever time to chat with your friends or buisness partner about things. How would you feel if your teenager is always on the phone with friends!

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