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If you care for one another and you’re both healthy, the sex will improve.

You have to have patience and learn about each other’s bodies and what pleasures both of you for it to be great.

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Conversely, Indian classical music carries forward a tradition that has developed over many centuries, quite different from western musical traditions, but no less rigorous.Of course, if you're in a hotel room, choose one that is up to your standards and sets the mood that will work best for you.Worst of all, you might not feel confident, which will make your first time far less satisfying.Ideas about what music “should sound like” differ in each tradition, as do notions about what different modes, scales, harmonies, and rhythms should signify to the listener.Romanticism, as a movement, “can be seen as a rejection of the precepts of order, calm, harmony, balance, idealization, and rationality that typified Classicism” (“Romanticism”).

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