I am a christian dating a muslim

Isn't that a disservice to your children in your own view?

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If anybody has been in either his or my position, could you shed some light on where this relationship might be headed/ what he is in it for?Another thing you should know is that many men become more religious after getting married.Even non-practicing Muslim men often return to the faith with zeal after marriage. Whether you ever become Muslim or not, you will be expected to raise your children in the Islamic faith. Do not allow your feelings for this man to cloud your thinking. Are you okay with not sharing your faith with your children?Okay, so you’ve met the man of your dreams, and he’s totally into you, too. He speaks of faraway lands in a way that mesmerizes and he looks at you as though you’re the only woman on earth. The first thing to realize is that many Muslim men are on a “wife hunt.” As unromantic as that sounds, it is true.He has an intensity that has swept you off your feet. Marriage is considered “half the religion” and most men are eager to settle down and start a family.

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