Is online dating killing romance

For many, Tinder simply represents a real and convenient pathway to a romantic relationship.

But are these people looking for love in the wrong place?

Keeping in touch with friends and family, or knowing which artisan cafe served their avocado on spelt this morning is certainly important, but it is unsurprising that finding the person with whom one becomes "one tree and not two," as Louis de Bernieres describes in , would occupy more of one's time.

So reads the slogan of one of the world's most populated and powerful apps.However, in this digital age, dating apps are just one of the many examples as to how our personal and professional lives are being reshaped, and not necessarily replaced. And I’ve also experienced the dreaded, no response. Is online romance any different from the bar scene? As Samantha from Sex And The City warned us: “It’s slim pickings out there. And that, of course, includes romance and the dating process itself. Last week Drew Barrymore spoke about her dating app experience. Drew was asked by Guy#1: What is someone like you doing on an app like this? Guy#3 texts Drew that he could meet up with her but only from 7-8 p.m., as he had something else to do afterwards. You can’t swing a Fendi purse without knocking over five losers.” So, here are some rules for online dating if you’re in pursuit of romance: If you select the Bad Boy/Bad Girl, say good-bye to a relationship, romance and real love. Single men and women don't need to waste time in half-hour conversations only to learn their interlocutor is taken, gay, straight, incompatible, or about to join the Peace Corps.Still, it seems to me - admittedly, a married man who has never used Tinder - that something is lost in the efficiency of Tinder; something that goes beyond an accidental change in the way our society practices romance, and strikes at the heart of love itself.

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