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There are things that we think are OK that aren’t OK for the third party.For example, she might not like toys or might only want oral and though we try and communicate this before we have sex, as I said before, these feelings can change – so do double-check.

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Fantasies are all well and good, but when it comes down to it, are you ready to see your partner sleep with someone else?I knew that she didn’t want to be an observer; while she definitely got off watching me with another woman, she needed to be involved, too.‘Our “guest” stayed over and the three of us had breakfast together in the morning.‘It got really awkward and we tapped out.’ Dr Christine Campbell, a senior lecturer in psychology, tells uk that there is very little research on the psychological effects of threesomes.‘It’s estimated that around 5% of people are in some form of consensually non-monogamous relationship, which include ones which include a romantic element, like polyamory, and ones which are entirely sexual, like swinging, of which threesomes are a particular type.

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