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Be firm but polite with the driver if he tries to drop you off elsewhere, unless you don't mind walking!

By default, the shuttle drops you off at Ngoc Phat Hotel which is opposite the Big C mall and may be counted as a central area of the city.

Mekong Delta There is a sleeper bus at 8pm from the Dalat bus station that goes directly to Can Tho ~8h / VND 325k, good option if you want to skip HCMC For western visitors it may be best to book a ticket on a bus without a television.

The entertainment offered could be loud and unappealing if you prefer sleeping before arriving at their next destination. There are various travel agencies in the town that can book buses to all parts of the country.

Outside of the city centre, it is surrounded by a series of pine-covered hills, lakes, and higher peaks, making for some lovely scenery quite different from the rest of Vietnam.

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Most local and foreign travellers arrive in Dalat by bus, including those travelling on the famous Sinh Cafe Hanoi-HCMC open-tour bus.

Dalat, also Da Lat (Đà Lạt), located in the South Central Highlands of Vietnam, was originally the playground of the French who built villas in the clear mountain air to escape the heat and humidity of the coast and of what was then called Saigon (now) officially known as Ho Chi Minh City.

Dalat is a mid-sized city that looks like a cross between Vietnam and the French Alps.

Dalat is a very pleasant stop, on a north-south tour (or vice versa), or a pleasant outing from the heat of Saigon.

For overseas visitors, it offers mostly a chance to cool down, observe some beautiful landscape and agriculture, view a bit of the French legacy, the Indochine legend and its momentous glories and the architecture untouched by the Vietnam conflict left behind,a unique place to enjoy the atmosphere of a unique country and its people.

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