Latest on carbon dating the shroud

Tristan, working with Emanuela Marinelli, Giuseppe Pernagallo and Benedetto Torrisi, have now completed the first analysis of that raw data and, on 22 March 2019, published a paper titled, Radiocarbon Dating of the Turin Shroud: New Evidence From Raw Data, in the peer reviewed journal "In 1988, three laboratories performed a radiocarbon analysis of the Turin Shroud.

The results, which were centralized by the British Museum and published in Nature in 1989, provided conclusive evidence of the medieval origin of the artefact.

Its title: 'Dating of the Turin Shroud: it all has to be redone' (la datazione della sacra sindone, tutto da rifare). - - Back in April 2019, I had a nice telephone conversation with writer Jane Stannus, during which I mentioned the publication of this paper.

It has been organized and will be moderated by Prof. Jane immediately recognized its importance, did some further research and wrote an article which was quickly picked up by the Catholic Herald UK.

Gilbert Lavoie and Thomas D'Muhala, former president of STURP, the collection has been digitized and an important new website has been created that finally gives everyone access to the Vern Miller photographs.

The site is named and provides access to his black and white photographs, his color transparencies and negatives, the ultraviolet fluorescence and reflectance photographs he made and much more. Lavoie and Tom for taking the the time and effort to make this important Shroud resource available to everyone.

Also featured are two new Shroud Museums here in the U. and the possibility of a third one in the foreseeable future.

This new test requires, in an interdisciplinary research, a robust protocol. We are including links to a number of responses to the paper when it was first published, as well as links to post-conference comments and articles, both from the participants and from the popular press.

Without this re-analysis, it is not possible to affirm that the 1988 radiocarbon dating offers conclusive evidence that the calendar age range is accurate and representative of the whole cloth.""The results shown in the article published in Archaeometry represent an important step forward since it was finally possible to examine the raw data obtained from the three laboratories and better understand the anomalies and errors made in the dating operation." On May 17, 2019, Tristan wrote to let us know that "on Thursday, 23 May, a conference will take place at the University of Catania. A special note of thanks to Joe Marino for his important assistance in obtaining English language translations for us.

- - On the anniversary of the first photo taken of the famous sheet, an interview with the sindonologist Bruno Barberis (Italian Language).

"Impossible to tell if the Shroud is true or false" - English translation courtesy of Joe Marino. Miller was the Chief Scientific Photographer for the Shroud of Turin Research Project (STURP), the team that conducted the first in-depth scientific examination of the cloth in 1978.

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