Matt leinhart dating

She was actually in that fashion show I mentioned with Reggie and I; she looked beautiful. I'm not trying to fill anybody's shoes, I'm just trying to be me. Well, I'm going to give you the politically correct answer.

Yeah, I mean, I just want to know the truth about what's up with you and Paris. I don't pay attention to it, I just kind of roll with it, you know? Paris and I are just friends."Just friends" with Paris Hilton? Joe was a great player and a huge superstar for that organization, and I'm just a guy trying to make it.

Brynn’s brother, Jordan, played tight end and wide receiver at USC, and was drafted in the fourth round by the Cleveland Browns two years ago.

Paris, Nick, Fez -- you know just about anybody who is anybody. Well, a couple weeks ago I met Jim Carrey, and I was pretty excited about that. I have never really formally met Shaq, but I've been around him because he did a coin toss at our game a few years back, and I was pretty psyched. I guess I'm not really a guy who gets overly excited about meeting celebrities, but athletes are different. Who do you talk to more, your mother or your agent? I think that's maybe a reason why some people might respect some of the things that I've done -- because I work really hard to try and be the best I can be, but at the same time I've enjoyed all of the opportunities I have gotten and I've remained the same person. I would never walk into a restaurant and say, "I want a seat now." That's not me. I've realized that's what it comes to -- people talking. Nah, I don't think I can fill anybody's shoes; I'll just be me. I have a bunch of friends in that world, and I've realized that when it comes to that stuff, people blow things out of proportion. I don't pay too much attention to people talking about what goes on in the celebrity world. You admit to a lot of friends in the celebrity world. All that plays a part in this impression people have, and of course, being here in Los Angeles with all the press and perception. Think you can fill Broadway Joe's shoes if you go to New York?Things between Matt and Brynn seem to be amicable, but there was a time when they were battling over child support.At one point early on, Cameron supposedly wanted ,000 a month from Leinart.

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