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Deke Slayton, NASA's Director of Flight Crew Operations, never intended to rotate Cooper and Eisele to another mission, as both were out of favor with NASA management for various reasons (Cooper for his lax attitude towards training, and Eisele for incidents aboard Apollo 7 and an extra-marital affair).He assigned them to the backup crew simply because of a lack of flight-qualified manpower in the Astronaut Office at the time the assignment needed to be made.

The story of the Apollo 13 mission has been dramatized multiple times, most notably in the 1995 film Apollo 13. He initially attended the University of Wisconsin for two years but was appointed to the United States Naval Academy at Annapolis, Maryland, from which he graduated in 1952 with a Bachelor of Science degree.

Swigert was born on August 30, 1931 in Denver, Colorado. He served in the Air Force and in state air national guards, and was an engineering test pilot prior to his selection as one of the fifth group of astronauts in 1966. According to the standard crew rotation in place during the Apollo program, the prime crew for Apollo 13 would have been the backup crew for Apollo 10 with Mercury and Gemini veteran Gordon Cooper in command, Donn F.

Haise was born in Biloxi, Mississippi on November 14, 1933. Eisele as command module pilot (CMP) and Edgar Mitchell as lunar module pilot (LMP).

Slayton felt Cooper had no more than a very small chance of receiving the Apollo 13 command, if he did an outstanding job with the assignment, which he did not.

Slayton always intended to assign Eisele to a future Apollo Applications Program mission rather than a lunar mission, but this program was eventually cut down to only the Skylab component.

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