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On Christmas Eve 2007, I proposed to Trisha at a family party. What was it like becoming husband and dad at the same time?

That night I pulled little Bradley aside and told him I would be marrying his mommy and that I would be his new dad. We didn’t have dedicated time to just be husband and wife.

(Her first husband died when their son was only seven months old.) As our dating relationship progressed, as we got more serious, the sobering thought kept returning to my mind: .My nightly rituals of pizza parties with college students and falling asleep to Conan O’Brien was replaced with cleaning up Duplos and reading aloud children’s Bible stories.I quickly saw all my character defects magnified by the responsibility, which forced me to rise to the occasion and grow up fast.What I didn’t expect was how much I would come to love Trisha for her motherly instincts.When I saw her and Bradley interact, something in me said, “This is the kind of woman I would want to be mother to my kids.” Her patience, kindness, tenderness, and discipline inspired me and made me love her all the more. Trisha introduced me to Bradley on July 4, 2007, sometime shortly after our first date. Bradley had been praying for a new daddy months before I came along.

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