My sister is dating a sociopath judge dating teen

You can see that he does not truly care for her and is taking advantage of her for a variety of purposes. He’s a liar, a thief, and has a terrible reputation among those who have known him personally.” “But he loves me,” she says. In fact, he thinks you’re treating him so unfairly. They range in intelligence from low to medium to very high.

“He really, really loves me and is so generous and kind with me. Just give him a chance, and I think you’ll agree with me how special he is.” She’s sold on him, and he has immunized her against your feedback. The chances that you will run into one are fairly high.

It helps to recognize the patterns of their seductions and to always maintain a healthy skepticism, especially when your gut feelings sense something is contradictory about what a person says and what they actually do. Whether in dating, a legal case, business, or politics, they have a highly-aggressive drive to dominate others.In a court case: They turn everything around and viciously attack the other party in a legal dispute or even criminal case. In that case, there was a mountain of evidence that he killed her.A good example of how cleverly they do this may be the criminal trial of O. However, he and his lawyer, Johnnie Cochran, were able to turn the tables on the prosecution and the police.Basically my whole family has been her marionettes for years.She’s got my dad under a complete spell and it’s really torturing him.

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