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With Dexter's finely honed ability to kill without being caught, he joined the Homicide department to, not only discover new challenges, but to further keep ahead of the game and find new kills.

That event made Dexter feel he was "born in blood" as a "monster." At age twenty, be began to kill and cut up his victims, similar to the way his mother had died.(He started with animals during childhood.) Unlike most serial killers, he had someone to help him control and hone his urge to kill based on a rule set: The Code of Harry.For years, Dexter distanced himself from his crimes, referring to being controlled by a Dark Passenger..Dexter prepares rolls of shrink wrap that will hold the victim to the table to prevent them from escaping.Finally, Dexter leaves pictures of the victims, hung like sanctuaries around the target to let them know why they are there.

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