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Watch five fox kits grow and develop as they play, hunt, forage, climb, jump and live together. This enclosure allows them plenty of room to exercise, adapt to weather patterns and encourages natural behaviors to prepare them for release. Bald Eagle cam, Wildlife Center Live images from the bald eagle enclosure at the Kevin P.Clinton Wildlife Center at Penitentiary Glen Reservation You may catch a glimpse of Apollo, our permanent bald eagle resident, bathing or using his foraging skills to get a food reward from the latest enrichment item placed in his enclosure or from a trainer.

If the webcam is off-line, this will only be for a brief time as we care for the animal or perform camera maintenance. If you have difficulty viewing the camera using Internet Explorer, we suggest trying a different browser.

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Fox cam, Wildlife Center Live images from the "Fox Cam" animal enclosure at the Kevin P.

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