Online dating for dog lovers

The Dig team is passionate about dogs and works hard to improve the health and happiness of canines around the world.

The company has committed to the Pledge 1% movement, promising to donate 1% of product, 1% of equity, 1% of profit, and 1% of employee time to charitable (dog-focused) causes.

“How you feel about dogs is a major compatibility factor in dating, and we’ve come up with a way to celebrate that.” Dig currently has members in all 50 states and is available for free on i Tunes and Google Play.

The dating app also encourages dog owners to get their pups involved in the dating process from the get-go by planning dog-friendly dates at parks, pubs, and outdoor locations.You can “dig” profiles on the app to make a match and get the ball rolling by talking about your favorite dog breeds.Everyone on Dig loves dogs, so you don’t have to hound someone to go on a dog-friendly date.You’re trading your freedom to travel at a moment’s notice and your ability to live in an unstained, unchewed place for the sake of a warm cuddle buddy by your side.Dog owners make that trade without batting an eyelid, and they need a significant other who would do the same — otherwise, things are going to be rough.

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