Online dating services and identity verification

The desire for anonymity hasn’t completely disappeared.But, as the social web has grown, people have become happier to use their ‘real’ identities online.They will ask you to send the payment through remittance services like western union. It is the number one rule in online dating that you should never send money to anyone whom you haven’t met in person yet.

How can we do this securely, without impacting users’ experience?

Last year alone ecommerce fraud rose by 19% and online banking losses soared by 64%, compared to 2015.

High-profile data breeches at Talk Talk and Sony have made consumers more aware of the security threats. They will go elsewhere if the verification stage of a purchase or online account setup is too lengthy or rigid regarding which proofs of identification are acceptable.

Different LGBT Protection ID providers differ in pricing, some charge for while some service offers free background checks.

to read the ID provider’s website for their current plans to avoid being charged without you knowing it.

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