Online dating site complaints

Too many sites are allowing online dating companies to pay them for more favorable reviews and higher recommendations.This means that the reviews you are reading are not honest or accurate.This is why it’s important to pay attention to our reviews.

If you happen to have checked out any other online dating site review sites, you may or may not have noticed the age of their reviews.For this reason, we NEVER let an online dating site pay us for a more favorable review.The only way that a site gets a strong review or recommendation from us is by earning it. They provide the best online dating experience possible.You see, most review sites hide the dates of their reviews so that you can’t tell they haven’t updated them since jean shorts were cool. Too often, we see companies come out with a great product, make some money, and then stop caring about continued development or keeping things up to date.How many times have you used any sort of company and then seen their quality go up or down over the years? Because of this, we make sure to update our reviews as frequently as is necessary.

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