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“I would like to see some of the dating sites and dating apps to hold people accountable for their actions,” she said.

“I know that sounds like a utopia that it could never happen, but you never know — it could.” Dr.

She has seen dating sites evolve from little-used desktop tools to ubiquitous swiping giants with billions of likes, and she teaches people to embrace this technology as a potentially life-changing dating solution. Carol coaches singles to upgrade their dating experiences and follow their hearts to a smart match. She has been on the front lines of online dating and can speak from experience about the challenges and opportunities there. Carol had to reassess everything she thought she knew about dating and relationships.

Carol pays attention to the details and makes sure her clients always put their best virtual foot forward.

Carol praises dating sites for helping singles find common ground and arranging local meetups, but she said there is still room for improvement if dating site owners want to truly satisfy their users.

“I think that if dating sites and apps do not keep up with the latest trends, then they will fall behind and perhaps go out of business,” Dr. “If you don’t keep up with your competition, then you will lose out.” Dr.

Carol Morgan is a seasoned dating expert with over 20 years of experience coaching singles.

She specializes in online dating coaching and offers profile writing and editing services to increase the chances her clients will find a date online. Carol fell in love with someone she met on a dating site, so she knows her strategies can work. Carol encourages singles to take their love lives one swipe at a time. Carol Morgan has positioned herself as a go-to expert on all things related to online dating. in gender and interpersonal communication, but she brings more than academic knowledge to her coaching business.

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