Options back dating scandal

In a settlement announced concurrent with the complaint, Anderson - who neither admitted nor denied the allegations - agreed to pay back .6 million and never to do bad stuff again.That seemed like a contradiction to me, but whatever.

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The bottom line: Claims that Jobs was unaware of the accounting implications of backdating are hardly believable, but there was no evidence to the contrary.At the end of the day, Jobs dodged a bullet because of 1) his value to Apple's shareholders, 2) his value to the U. economy, and 3) just plain luck that neither Apple's board nor the SEC found a smoking gun to force them to do something they didn't want to do.In the context of mutual funds, a feature allowing fundholders to use an earlier date on a letter of intent to invest in a mutual fund in exchange for a reduced sales charge, e.g.FAQ: Behind the stock options uproar - CNET News Backdating - Definition of Backdating on Investopedia - Dating any. The Steve Jobs Effect..the Backdating Scandal - Business Week .

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