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Whales and killer whales can now hit each others' species.

Dog Jelly's idea: Whale's attack increases when killer whales or sharks are near.

Software reuse promises a solution to both of these problems.

You write your component which does something useful, then I build on your success by writing my component which works with yours.

A daily challenge in human medicine is processing the large volume of images generated by modern equipment.

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During the daylong competition, hosted at the University of Washington Seattle campus, teams compete in a round-robin tournament followed by a double elimination round.Find trusted and experienced Tutors, babysitters and language instructors nearby.You can choose between three services and search based on your location of preference and your children’s educational background.ORCA (OR Technology Cloud Archiving) is a software solution designed to make everyday work in private practices and hospital easier, cheaper and more efficient.ORCA Share is an online platform for sharing images and medical findings with doctors and other authorised persons.

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