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The onboarding experience is one of your users' first interactions with your company, and can make or break the future of your relationship.It's also one of the most action-heavy stages of the funnel; users actually need to put in effort in order to realize the value of your product.

Stack Overflow combats this problem by using tooltips to guide users through the signup process: Stack Overflow also uses a progress indicator to help users identify how much of the form they have left to complete.

Adbeat is a competitive intelligence tool that helps you find advertising data and analytics for any company in the world.

You can get access to everything from the type of ad creatives they've used to the publishers they are targeting and even the landing pages used for conversions.

In order for users to understand the true value of Vyond, they need to actually create a video using the tool.

To ensure that they don't lose users during this crucial onboarding phase, Vyond takes users through a step-by-step in-app tour: New users can easily feel overwhelmed by a product with lots of features and functions.

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