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Rachel Mc Adams is a multi-award-winning Canadian actress who thrills her fans with almost every film appearance she has made so far.The stunning actress is smart and accurate when it comes to playing out her character and her charm cannot be ignored as it is one of the factors that make her loved by many.She seeks Sherlock’s help and outsmarts him on two different occasions.The actress landed a Teen Choice Award for Best Actress in an Action film, as well as a nomination for Best Supporting Actress from Saturn Awards.Sherlock Holmes is also a box office success as the movie whose estimated budget was .4 million, grossed a total of 4 million.is a romantic movie that brings back the past era to modern times.

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The film was praised for its context structure as well as character performances, one of which was the character depicted by Rachel Mc Adams.” Her response now has nearly 2 million views on You Tube: youtu.be/SWa Fq Q-7Xt4 The ongoing love for #Mean Girls fills my heart with joy.Rachel Mc Adams boyfriend history might include several other names but to date, her relationship with Ryan Gosling remains the most publicized one.It is worth knowing that the chemistry between the young couple made the movie what it is today.Moreso, The Notebook has fetched both Gosling and Mc Adams numerous awards including Teens Choice Awards, MTV Movie Awards, Golden Satellite Awards, and many nominations.

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