Reddit comment karma not updating Free amatuer sex chats

It would seem that the best time to post on Reddit is around 8-11 (UTC-5).So, if you really want to optimize your timing, try posting around that time.Then, pick an interesting quote from the article and post it in the comments.Most of us don’t care enough to actually click on that link, and we appreciate you handing us the most interesting nuggets on a silver tray.You contribute good comments, so why aren’t they being upvoted?You submit interesting links, why are they getting downvoted?

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After all, karma is just worthless Internet points.One such feature that confuses many redditors is karma, imaginary internet points that you can “earn” with good content submissions and comments.If a redditor likes a comment or post, they upvote it, if they dislike, they downvote it.Seriously, go check any news article post: the top comment is almost always providing some extra info for those of us who can’t be bothered to read the article.Don’t be afraid of the judgement of a bunch of strangers on Reddit.

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