Regret not dating in high school

We just ended up having a conversation that lasted the whole class, and we became friends from that point on.I went from sitting alone at lunch (I have Asperger's, so it wasn't that big of an issue to me) to eating with just her, then a group of about six people.On a low note though, I'm not friends with the person who helped me open up though now.I had a very rough summer after graduating high school with working on city council meetings and so forth, so I didn't contact her during that time.Well she returned to the class when I was producing the livestream. She was a smart person, but I couldn't understand what she was trying to teach.Every time I asked for help, she just reexplained everything she said in class the same way.Sitting here and thinking about it, I’m only now realizing how many things I actually do regret about high school, and that’s why I’m about to tell you my 10 high school regrets. That seems pretty obvious, because I feel like that would be on everyone’s list of regrets, but that is the most important for me. Math was always my worst subject in every single grade, especially high school, but yet, I still didn’t study. I regret not joining clubs because if I had, I could have met a lot of people, and it was difficult for me to make friends in school because I was too shy for my own good.If I had the time to go back, I would at least study for final exams at the end of the year, because I never even did that. Seems silly, but that was one of the worst classes I had ever taken. In high school, there had been times when we had a week or more to work on assignments, and then the day before it was due, I would have five pages of homework to complete. My fifth regret is not making closer bonds with the friends I did have at school.

Maybe then I wouldn’t have been alone at lunch so much if I had. In high school, I always thought three years was so far away and would take so long to get through, but really, those three years went faster than I could blink.I shouldn’t have been so worried about what people were saying about me, if they were saying anything at all.I shouldn’t have been so worried about a guy because I wanted him to notice me.About a month into me dropping the course for a spare period, she sat down at the lunch table I was at."Hey, what's up," she said. " Like not in a rude way, but why was she talking to me now.She had said hello to me in-class before, but I just was unable to say hello back other than a small mumble, not just to her, but to everyone.

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