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Discouraged by this experience, I then intended to delete my online dating account but another guy started writing me and I thought I’d give it one more chance.

The messages and calls have kind of freaked me out. ” Him: “I was only trying to come to a time that was convenient.

Don’t worry yourself trying to figure it all out, accept the rejection and keep browsing your dating site. We likely knew in the first ten minutes that the chemistry wasn’t there, and sex was definitely not on the menu. You’ll only rate an F if you fail to show up, disrespect a woman badly, or act like a twat right off the bat.

Maybe you didn’t look like the photos you used in your dating profile, or maybe it took us until the end of the night to realize there just wasn’t any possibilities for a hookup. Don’t go on dating sites to meet women if you have personal issues like anger that need working out.

) he could buy for me, I answered annoyed “If you want to buy me something, buy me books.” He replied. Every woman likes bags.” Yes, well, if that isn’t hearing what you want to hear that I don’t know what is.

Various other things were told and I soon later realised that in regards to me, he was only interested in the things he wanted to see in me so he had to go.

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