Rules for dating the rebound guy Txt sexchat mobile site

Through research I've learned that the best things to do in rebound relationships is to give the rebounding person space.I want our relationship to have the absolute best possible chance and I'm prepared to set my emotions aside.It's normal to feel jealousy when you hear that your boyfriend has talked with his ex.

If your boyfriend sees you as his confidant, friend and therapist, he will treat you as such.He and his ex of 5 years lived together and were engaged prior to breaking up. He has expressed repeatedly how he grapples with trying to sort through what went wrong and his role.Recently we had a heart to heart about the nature of his current relationship with his ex and he said they were still civil and still talk occasionally.Some people go on to enjoy a long term relationship and some even get married.You and your guy Given how wonderful this new relationship is, it's natural that he will compare what he has with you with what he didn't have with his ex.

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