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His Instagram account brandishes 363 thousand followers and his You Tube channel boasts 360 thousand subscribers.

Melly aspires to be the next Michael Jackson of hip hop.

A small city in east central Florida in a region known specifically as the Treasure Coast. The city and its surrounding environs can be divided into five different parts:1.

East Vero is characterized by sprawling subdivisions and over-priced track housing with some elements of poverty as well as middle-class homes.

The project featured a collection of his popular songs.

He is planning on releasing a follow-up mixtape titled “Young Nigga Waves.” Despite being unsigned, Melly has no intention of slowing down.

According to police, the up-and-coming rapper orchestrated the attack and staged the scene making it appear like a drive-by shooting.

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In 2019, his latest tracks, “Mixed Personalities” ft Kanye West and “Mama Cry”, released in January and February respectively, have received over 60 million streams online. Many of his songs portray images about violence, sex, and money.From listening to a wide scope of artists, ranging from Lil Wayne to Taylor Swift, he successfully polished his craft penning a number of, soon to be released, tracks while incarcerated.With the intention of attracting everyone, Melly coupled vivid bad boy rap with enticing soft melodies.One of his earliest projects, the Collect Call EP, featured establish rappers John Wicks and Lil B, alongside others.Other popular hits to date include “Melly the Menace,” “Catching Feelings,” “Slang the Iron,” and “772 Love.”In 2018, his “I Am You” mixtape dropped.

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