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Various women have stated they’ve seen the female’s ghost, and some even reported being “attacked” by an unseen force.

The Grady House Bed and Breakfast has been known to host the spirit of a lady in an old-fashioned nightgown.

From cemeteries to old school buildings, there is enough haunting to go around. Here are 8 super haunted places in Gainesville you need to visit!

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The ownership has changed hands numerous times due to the haunting.

Guests have reported strange noises in the attic, a “heavy feeling” on their chest while sleeping, doors opening and closing, and even ghostly faces appearing on third floor windows.

Although it seems quaint and historic, you may leave this inn, but it might not leave you. There is a rumor that several children died in an elevator accident and that their presence still remains.

Just south of downtown Gainesville there is the old Wayside Antiques store.

Employees here have reported hearing voices when opening and closing the store, even calling out their names specifically.

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