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Keyword monitoring and filtering — just one way the companies crack down on unwanted speech — works by embedding a list of banned terms within the application itself.

"If your message contains a keyword from the list then the message is not sent," the report explains.

During her college years in China, Xiaowen Liang demonstrated for more women’s public bathrooms and shaved her head to protest school admission policies that favored men.

On her graduation day in 2012, police showed up on campus to question her about the campaigns.

Comments on this story are moderated according to our Submission Guidelines. We reserve the right to close comments at any time."Users and the censors are engaged in this kind of cat-and-mouse game," Crete-Nishihata said."Censors will never be able to comprehensively censor speech through keyword filtering systems, but users also will not be comprehensively able to evade these controls.So it's always this kind of balance between the two." But as more Chinese citizens take up space in the digital sphere, it's becoming a tougher to maintain that balance."That's the kind of tension that you see with social media in China." Sheena Goodyear is the digital producer for CBC Radio's As It Happens.

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