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Echt haar wordt gebruikt en letterlijk haartje voor haartje op het hoofdingeplant!

Deze foto’sworden niet alleen door de beeldhouwer gebruikt bij het maken van hetkleifiguur, maar ook in een later stadium bij het kleuren en kappen van hetbeeld.

Takano M, Hikishima K, Fujiyoshi K, Shibata S, Yasuda A , Konomi T, Hayashi A, Baba H, Honke K, Toyama Y, Okano H, Nakamura M: MRI characterization of paranodal junction failure and related spinal cord changes in mice. [Pub Med] Ohyama T, Nagata T, Tsuda K, Kobayashi N, Imai T, , Yamazaki T, Katahira M. [Pub Med] Kelava I, Reillo I, Murayama AY, Kalinka AT, Stenzel D, Tomancak P, Matsuzaki F, Lebrand C, Sasaki E, Schwamborn JC, , Huttner WB, Borrell V.: Abundant occurrence of basal radial glia in the subventricular zone of embryonic neocortex of a Lissencephalic Primate, the Common Marmoset Callithrix jacchus. RNA-Binding Protein Hu D Controls Insulin Translation. The formation of an angiogenic astrocyte template is regulated by the neuroretina in a HIF-1-dependent manner. Characterization of the RNA-binding protein Musashi1 in zebrafish. Epigenetic Regulation of Cancer Stem Cell Genes in Triple-Negative Breast Cancer. Identification of Proteasome Components Required for Apical Localization of Chaoptin Using Functional Genomics.

Structure of Musashi1 in a complex with target RNA: the role of aromatic stacking interactions.

"Vimeo Livestream makes my job easy, because it's a super intuitive interface.

I put the Wb Srch search engine back online in March of 2018.

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