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If customers are more likely to buy a robot with a female voice, it isn’t surprising that the market offers female-gendered robots.

Although this might justify why most robots have a female voice, it doesn’t explain why chatbots which communicate in a written chatbox also need to be female.

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The term “robot” comes from the Czech “robota”, which means forced labour or slave.This cultural bias towards gendered robots, especially female robots, is also expressed in films, videogames and literature.There is a wealth of female robots today – from Glados in the “Portal” games, to Scarlett Johansson-voiced Samantha “Her”, to “Ex Machina”, and the ultimate wifebot introduced in “Blade Runner 2049”.Despite human-computer interaction being an entirely new domain where everything is still to build, archaic beliefs are already influencing the way we manage those relationships.That is also true of male robots/chatbots/AI, both in reality (Watson[7], Ross[8]) and in fiction (The Terminator, HAL 9000).

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