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Once Sanhuber had safely snuck back up to the attic Dolly began screaming until one of the neighbors called the cops.The police had no reason to doubt Dolly’s story—after all she couldn’t have locked Dolly started dating her lawyer, Herman Shapiro, at which point she began making a series of incriminating mistakes.Meanwhile, Fred began questioning his sanity: He heard inexplicable noises coming from the attic, his cigars kept going missing, and he could swear that strange shadows passed outside his bedroom door some nights.He decided to move to Los Angeles that year, not knowing that the phantom haunting his Milwaukee mansion would follow him out West.At the age of 11, he appeared on the show Star Search (1983), and even though he didn't win, it didn't dampen his ambitions.Zooey Deschanel was born in 1980 into a showbiz family.

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When 17-year-old Otto Sanhuber knocked on the Oesterreichs’ ornate double entry door, Dolly, then 33, answered .

Soon they decided to throw caution to the wind and pursue their carnal pleasures from the comfort of the Oesterreichs’ marital bed.

But the heartland in 1913 was the epicenter of a moral conservatism that characterized pre-sexual revolution America.

(Photo: Bettmann/ Getty Images) began publishing what would end up being months’ worth of eye-popping details from an exceedingly strange court case.

It involved a “comely” woman named Dolly, her murdered husband, and her lover, a man known as the “garret ghost” who, at Dolly’s behest, lived a “bat-like life in hidden rooms.” Born in 1880, Walburga “Dolly” Korschel was a German immigrant who grew up on a poor Midwestern farm.

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