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I have found no way to add parental control over these features, and apparently to "win" at this game, alliances are nearly required.

I say you should now reserve this for your 15 or 16 year old.

Because in order to advance each step you need an increasing amount of currency which you can't realistically get within the time limit they give you, and it increases so much that it becomes blatantly clear they just want you to spend real money if you really want to complete it. In conclusion: this game had potential-- but it's just so deceptive that it almost feels insulting. I learned that there was a chat feature after I heard my children talking about what people were posting.

Maybe a lot of other games are like this too and this is just the norm-- but honestly, don't waste your time, and don't waste your child's time. I reviewed the chat history and it only allows me to review 35 minutes of chat history, so I have no way of verifying safety of use.

One thing that really irritates me though is the way that combat works: no matter what the level of my dragons has been, I am pretty much consistently being paired against rivals FAR above my level (ex., my dragons would be level 13, C-grade, and common quality-- and I'd be *consistently* paired against players with dragons level 25, 26 etc, A -grade, epic quality-- no exaggeration).

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So they want you to get frustrated and just buy the gems.So you have to buy gems and they are very over priced considering how fast you go through them.There are weekly events where you earn certain tokens to move through a maze.Please don’t let your children play this game.(Im 12) The people who created this game are extremely greedy and liers.When I started this game in the tutorial it told me I could earn gems by doing stuff.

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