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So, we’ve gathered up all the Windows Update problems and fixes right here, so you don’t have to search the internet if your PC isn't behaving itself.

However, if you're suffering from a Windows Update problem that we haven’t covered, follow and tweet us and we’ll do what we can to find a solution.

Make sure you check the web page to see if the issue you are expericing is known to Microsoft, and what steps you need to take to fix it.

Here are the following issues Microsoft knows about with Windows Update and how to fix them: If you've found that your Bluetooth device no longer correctly works with your Windows Update, then a recent security update for the Windows Update (and other versions of Windows) is likely to be the cause of the problem.

According to Microsoft: " You may experience issues pairing, connecting or using certain Bluetooth devices after installing security updates released June 11, 2019.Microsoft and Intel have identified an issue affecting Intel Real Sense SR300 or Intel Real Sense S200 camera apps.Some older devices may experience loss of Wi-Fi connectivity due to an outdated Qualcomm driver.Some Direct3D (D3D) applications and games may fail to enter full-screen mode on rotated displays.Microsoft and Battl Eye have identified a compatibility issue with some games that use older versions of Battl Eye anti-cheat software.

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