Symbolic interaction theory online dating

Clearly the way we currently view the gender roles and responsibilities within a marriage needs to change.The stigmas held about men doing things that were traditionally women's need to be removed.Most of the statistics we've seen continue to show that although women have moved from their traditional role in the household to the workplace, the reverse of this is not taking place.Men are not doing more of the household work to take up the slack.Men traditionally either worked in the fields (pre-industrial age) or labored somewhere else returning home with money to support the family, while women stayed at home, raised the children, cooked the food, and cleaned the house.These represent the traditional symbols of husband and wife.

This perspective relies on the symbolic meaning that people develop and build upon in the process of social interaction.

However, the actual tasks that men and women do in the modern age are different.

Now it is common for both husband and wife to work.

In the case of smoking, the functionalist perspective might miss the powerful role that the institution of mass media plays in shaping perceptions of smoking through advertising, and by portraying smoking in film and television.

In the cases of race and gender, this perspective would not account for social forces like systemic racism or gender discrimination, which strongly influence what we believe race and gender mean.

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