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As per the local administration rules, at around pm the boats are supposed to be put aside for overnight stay.

We didn’t leave the dock till daylight because of the swell coming from hurricane Leslie. Once on the other side we had smooth sailing all the way to fishing grounds. We will be marlin fishing all day into the late evening and sword fishing all night then get up the next morning and get the early morning bite the next day. The fish are here if you want get onto some world class marlin fishing now is the time.

We set out looking for meat today and had pretty good luck finding some. Pretty much with action spread pretty evenly through the day. Pretty good considering the struggle it was to get to them.

We have Monday open if you’d like to get into this Venezuela like fishing. We did catch a 40 pound yellowfin and a couple of bailers too. I hope the weather holds out if it does we have a great chance for it to get better.

We have days open next week do give me a call (252) 305-7960 Today we had a really nice day. We went up to the NE looking for a marlin and dolphin.

Anther really cool thing is one of our anglers caught his first personal grand slam also. With fishing like this I really don’t want it to get dark. After we caught her we headed in all jacked up looking forward to getting back out here first thing in the morning.

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We set out this morning on the lower end looking for some meat that was there a few days before. We pulled out 5 blacks and 1 yellowfin on that pass though and that helped out a lot.

A little later we caught a couple of small gaffers. Finally we caught a single yellowfin followed by a single big gaffer dolphin.

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