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Today I was listening to the theme song from The Dating Game, which is credited to Herb and the TJB.

While for the most part it sounded like them, I couldn't help but notice that the trumpet does NOT sound like Herb's signature playing.

This unique and clever game show featured three contestants who would have to answer certain questions to win a date with the bachelorette.While Microsoft Power Point isn't the most cutting-edge in presentation software, it is versatile and easy to use.It comes in handy for teachers and others who want to quickly and easily share these files with others.Super fun, because you never know what answer they may end up choosing- and they only get ONE word to describe themselves, which is fun and difficult at the same time. You can determine how romantic or fun-loving a guy is based on his choice, so you will be excited to find out how he will describe this special evening with his lady.If you had to be an animal, what animal would you choose and why?

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