Too busy for dating

I personally don’t think that people can be too busy getting to know somebody.

Well, that is just my reasoning when it comes to dating.

I mean, if you say you are too busy with work but then you still go out with other people, then you are no longer prioritizing work as you claimed.

Of course, we have the right to choose whom we interact with in our spare time, but it is important to understand and realize that being dishonest can be damaging to your friendships and also relationships.

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In fact, I think it can be rather casual and not too elaborate.Unfortunately, a lot of us adopt this type of thinking from a very early age.We’re all taught to believe that So usually, when people say that they’re looking for love, what they really mean is that they’re waiting around for it to happen. So why make time or put a lot of effort into something that’s going to happen–or not happen–all on it’s own?We just prioritize our time different and I think we need to acknowledge it for what it is.If a friend called us and asked us to meet them for 1 hour or less then I bet we wouldn’t even have second thoughts.

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