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They afford breathing space, distance, and a neutral zone for communication.Within this setting it may be easier for partners to engage in self-examination, re-establish the friendship, and determine if the relationship is worth salvaging.Walk out and leave your home without seeking legal counsel, especially if children are involved.3. If you reconcile, it won’t help having made enemies out of your inlaws.4. Your behavior during this period can come back to haunt you.5. You can’t afford to lose your good sense at this critical juncture. A legal separation spells out financial responsibilities and obligations, childcare arrangements, and household agreements.Making the decision to embark on a trial separation is important. Why take a chance on having your actions misconstrued later?I have interviewed legal separation and watched couples who have been successful at it.Among these couples, three common situations prompted trial separations: the affair, major changes in personal direction, and a midlife crises.Expect to feel: Confused and ambivalent Uncomfortable with the loss of your normal partnership role Embarrassed by the exposure of your relationship problems Do not let those uneasy feelings deter you from your work at hand. Are you prepared to compromise for the sake of the relationship? Do you have a sufficient level of trust in one another? Are there at least a few hot embers of love still glowing in the dark?

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Splitting and Getting Back Together Again It can be done.

If Tina had called the domestic violence hot line in her locale or contacted a lawyer, she thinks she would have been advised to handle things differently.

Now she is embroiled in a bitter custody battle with little hope of winning.

Question Was there a period in your marriage or live-in relationship that was satisfying and happy for both of you? The Dos and Don’ts of Separating Before you separate, there are a few steps you ought to consider that will make the situation less stressful for you, your family, and your partner. Be careful if you date during the separation stage not to get romantically hooked up with someone else.4. Set guidelines, limits, and boundaries regarding your interaction with your estranged partner.6. Just as important as heeding the dos above is avoiding the don’ts below.

Undoubtedly, any of these foolish actions could lead to unnecessary and prolonged problems. Slam the door or fail to look back unless you are absolutely certain this breakup is for real.2.

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