Trouble updating ipod touch to 4 2

There is now an i Tunes version 10.6.3 that solves this problem.

I just finished downloading it and have updated my i Pod touch to ios 6.

As per announcement of Apple at Rock and Roll event i Tunes 9, i Phone OS 3.1 for i Phone and i Pod touch and new line of i Pod Touch are available.

This is because we have older macs (10.5.8) so i Tunes 10.7 isn't an option.Ive tried updating it fro itunes but it doesnt work, it says Itunes is the current version. I've rested it and completley resetted it ( erasing everything.)Plug you i Pod into your computer and open i Tunes.Then, open your i Pod's summary page in i Tunes and it should say that there is a new software version (6.0) available. Leave your i Pod plugged in until the update completes.i OS 4.2.1 doesn't support that.yes, im sure it is 4g.i have a mac and the version is 10.5.8. My IOS is 4.2.1 and I'm unable to update to the latest i OS5 or 6.I tried to update to Itunes 10.7 but it says I need a higher version of Osx and when i tried to download a newer version it says that my mac is already updated. Update button on Itunes says this is the latest version.

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