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Her trash talk leading up to the Esparza fight was very entertaining and it also paid dividends in the fight, as she clearly got in her head.She also is constantly sporting a cheeky smirk, as if she's up to something.No disrespect to the vet Esparza, who is still a heck of a fighter, but Joanna (way easier to just write her first name) winning the belt is the best thing for the division going forward.There's a shortage of "personality's" in the UFC right now and Jedrzejczyk provides plenty of it.There's no word as to when we can expect to see Robb competing again.She may get handed another loss, but will look very pretty doing it.At 5'11" she towers over the majority of fighters in the Featherweight division.She will be a force to be reckoned with if she can sharpen up her striking game and utilize her reach advantage.

She finished her fight against Izabela Badurek via devastating guillotine in the 2nd round at UFC Fight Night 64.Let’s not make any illusions either, it certainly helps when the women that are competing are good looking.The UFC’s main audience is generally 18-35 year old males.“The Venezuelan Vixen” is the first female ever to win The Ultimate Fighter tournament.She was a bit of an outcast in the house as her annoying habits seemed to repel everyone.

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