Updating a tomtom

In the event that I can't get satisfaction, I will buy a new device from ANY other manufacturer than Tom Tom, and continue to spread the word. Upgraded to a GO620 from a 10 year old Tom Tom GPS.Also, I hate that Consumer Affairs forced me to give this product any rating at all. Only advantage of the 620 is a larger and brighter screen.I love the functionality of the device, always there, always accurate, reasonably easy to use. The biggest problem is updates take forever if I can get them to work at all.I have a very powerful Mac and high speed broadband internet yet downloads and installations are slow, in the order of one to two hours.If they cannot support the existing device, what is there to entice me to buy a new one, which will obviously fail to be supported in the near future?

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Customer service gave me a link to follow and when that didn't work, they said that they couldn't fix it or help me, except to offer another unit at a discount.

It keeps telling me it is not responding and please reconnect with the PC.

I am sick & tired of my Tom Tom not updating, or saying the map is corrupted and then my computer (with superfast broadband connection) taking an hour to download the update..to get a message on my Tom Tom at the end to say it still has no maps loaded.

Maybe this is the way that the Dutch conduct business in general.

I have since ordered a used Garmin from e Bay with the latest updates.

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