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We were going to paint it with Old White, but a few swipes of the paintbrush and we realized we would be working on that bed all day, so we went to the hardware store and bought about 9 cans of Satin creamy white spray paint and got it done. Any Satin white spray paint would work for this project.And a few coats later, this was still in process, but we were about done with it.Since I shared my sister’s first guestroom makeover and also the 2nd guestroom/nursery combo, I wanted to show you how we made over the furniture. So, here’s our day of furniture painting…all finished.Before those makeovers could happen, we worked a couple of days getting all the furniture painted for both of these spaces and that’s a job right there. This took us about 6 hours at least to get all of this done one sunny afternoon at my parents house. This is my old drum table, that you already saw in the room, but it was a brown wood with leather top when we started painting it.One thing that I mentioned in that post was that I was growing tired of the our furniture.

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Spray paint was the fastest way to get it done, even if it did take about 9 cans of paint. The baby bed that Renee used when Lauren was a baby, is going in the nursery at my sister’s house, so we decided to lighten it up by painting it white.

🙂 I already showed you a picture of the nightstand, but since it’s my favorite of the three pieces, I’ll show it to you again. I was a little too excited about putting the new knobs on! I’m gonna leave you with one more little sneak peek of the room.

Mostly, because I’m sure you are thinking that everything is looking pretty CREAM at this point!!

It will leave enough on the surface to buff down to a shine. Frog Tape® comes up with some great things and Shape Tape™ makes it easy to try some fun painting projects that otherwise would be really time consuming. You can find it at Home Depot or Lowes or either online. I'm Rhoda, from Atlanta, GA and I love decorating and DIY projects.

Decorating a home doesn't have to cost a fortune and I've spent years thrifting at antiques markets and yard sales, finding those treasures that make a home unique.

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