Updating linux lenny

Backporting R 3.3.0 and later would entail backporting curl 7.28 to wheezy, which in turn would require libgnutla28-dev (which is available in wheezy-backports), linghttp2-dev (only available in jessie) and librtmp-dev = 2.4 20131018(not available in wheezy).The milestone release R 3.0.0 published on April 3, 2013 is not compatible with any R packages built on earlier versions.What's the best way to change the port of either tomcat or jenkins from 8080 so they don't conflict?Packages for the base R system have been part of the Debian distribution since 1997, thanks to Douglas Bates, and are diligently maintained by Dirk Eddelbuettel since 2001.If I follow that, it appears that jenkins will still be on port 8080, and that will conflict with tomcat.I'm only starting to be familiar with how Ubuntu installs tomcat and jenkins.

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Otherwise, please refer to the section on secure apt below.

This comprises a large number of contributed packages from CRAN and other repositories.

If you want to install R packages not provided as Debian packages, or if you want to use newer versions, you need to build them from source which requires the development package manually, they will be installed there.

You only need if you want to compile R packages yourself or other software depending on R (see section below on administration and maintenance).

Be aware that you may also have to install build dependencies (typically -dev packages containing headers).

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