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This is where the research truly shines: beautiful mathematical techniques reduce the number of connections to the ten thousands, bringing the attack down to a practical level.

The researchers spent a mere US0 on the EC2 cloud platform to decrypt a victim client session in a matter of hours.

But today’s release fixes a number of other vulnerabilities, and we cannot emphasize the importance of timely upgrades enough.

If you obtained Open SSL directly from us (from https:// or from https://github.com/openssl/openssl), run the following command to find out: If you are using the system Open SSL provided with your Linux distribution, or obtained Open SSL from another vendor, the version number is not a reliable indicator of the security status.

Thus, while the following FAQ will guide you through defending your services against DROWN, we encourage you to upgrade to Open SSL latest even if you’re not vulnerable, and keep doing so regularly upon every security release. You can only be sure that you are not vulnerable if none of your services sharing a given private key enable SSLv2.

Your secure TLS-only HTTPS server is vulnerable if you expose the same key on an email server that supports SSLv2.

While 11% of HTTPS servers with browser-trusted certificates are directly vulnerable to DROWN, another whopping 11% fall victim through some other service (most commonly SMTP on port 25).

Second, in the Open SSL security releases of March 2015, we rewrote a section of code, which coincidentally fixed a security bug (CVE-2016-0703).

If the server runs Apache httpd 2.2.x, SSLv2 is supported by default, and you are likely to be vulnerable.

Debian users can also track the security status of Debian releases, using Debian’s security tracker. DROWN attacks can only target individual sessions, not the server’s key.

All issues affecting Open SSL can be found in the search by source package and information about DROWN will appear under the tracker for CVE-2016-0800. Even if there has been a successful DROWN attack against you, there is no need to regenerate your private key, so long as you can confidently identify all services that share this key, and disable SSLv2 for them.

Bleichenbacher oracle attacks are well known and defended-against but, ironically, the attack relies on exactly these widely implemented countermeasures to succeed.

The original Bleichenbacher attack, while mathematically brilliant, is still relatively infeasible to carry out in practice, requiring the attacker to make hundreds of thousands to millions of connections to the victim server in order to compromise a single session key.

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