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The Intelli Sense system in Visual Studio 2010 comes with far greater power, flexibility, and accuracy, but these improvements come at the cost of greater complexity.The goal of this article is to assist you in troubleshooting this complex system, and give you a peek under the hood at how it works (and what to do when it doesn’t).Visual Studio provides a powerful Java Script editing experience right out of the box.Powered by a Type Script based language service, Visual Studio delivers richer Intelli Sense, support for modern Java Script features, and improved productivity features such as Go to Definition, refactoring, and more.By default, the Salsa language service will try to detect which Java Script libraries are in use and automatically download and reference the corresponding file will have no impact on your project.If you do not wish to use auto-acquisition, disable it by adding a configuration file as outlined below.Often, this is because the Intelli Sense compiler has a more strict interpretation of the C standard than the build compiler.

Because Java Script and Type Script are now based on the same language service, they are able to interact in a richer way.

Note Starting in Visual Studio 2017, the Java Script language service uses a new engine for the language service (called "Salsa").

Details are included in this article, and you can also read this blog post.

We have made every effort to give these two compilers parity.

(For more information about how this works with C /CLI please check this blog post.) However, there are still differences, and occasionally, a file that compiles without error using our build compiler will not compile properly with our Intelli Sense compiler.

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