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I have a length of 1″ square stock that might be used to make a few tools for the Hardy hole. Most of the anvils you see for sale are sway backed mules, some with close to an inch of drop on the center of the face. In researching Vulcan anvils through some of the Blacksmithing forums, I get the impression that Vulcans are sneered at by serious iron workers due to their construction.

Some believe that a truly “good” anvil must “ring”, which would indicate it is forged steel.

I found a raised marking on the heel end of the base: H*42*H.

I haven’t been able to determine what this is, because it doesn’t seem to match what English anvils use as a “hundred weight” indicator. Vulcan produced anvils from 1875 to 1969, so this doesn’t jive with the condition and history. I don’t see any need for paint on a working anvil (or vise for that matter).

Val (the welding Guru) had one for a little over 2$ a pound that sounded like it was in pretty good shape.

He said it had been purchased new by a Vocational School in the 60s (? This is the sight that greeted me after a 58 mile drive.

It is covered with some pretty good divots and it looks like the student used the top of the horn for cutting with a chisel.

The flat cutting table at the front of the main face is the area that is used for cutting.

I have a little repair work to do to make this thing right. No severe damage, but I would like to get this area smooth.

One thing leads to another, and I started dragging the file a little farther back with each stroke. By starting to clean the surface I have highlighted every flaw on the horn.

I’m not trying to make a showpiece here, but every mark on the horn will transfer to whatever workpiece I forge on the anvil.

I just whacked it back in place, and rounded the tip with a file to smooth it out.

I probably shouldn’t have done that; I feel myself sliding down a very slippery slope…………………

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