Wecchat cu fete asia

But since 1991, far from dissolving NATO, Washington has insisted that the military pact expand, while remaining under U. The former Yugoslavia — once a state representing about 20 million Balkan peoples — was broken into six ministates, along with the U. military outpost called Kosovo, wrenched from Serbia. NATO’s role now is to reconquer those areas of the world that had gained some independence from imperialism during the existence of the Soviet Union.

It brings together three songs that I am very happy with and that will better show who I am today.Add to this their control of finance, technology, weapons and mass media. invaded Afghanistan in Central Asia starting in 2001, using the pretext of the 9/11 attack and invoking Article 5 of the NATO charter calling for collective defense.After World War II ended, the class of plunderers and robbers ruling those countries saw that while they had been fighting each other — killing 100 million people — a third of humanity had liberated itself from their grip. The occupation continues for nearly 18 years, with NATO troops intervening starting in 2003.This year, fans of new musical sensations in Shanghai will have the joy of discovering Rendez-Vous, Pi Ja Ma, Lewis Of Man, Dream Can, rappers GALI, KOZAY and CATI2, and Loft Beach at the festival from June 21-23.Formed in 2012, Rendez-Vous is a French post-punk band from Paris.

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